Agricultural construction


Barns & storage

There is no one-size fits all, just as no-one has the same budget or the same requirements from their buildings. Our approach is to discuss, in fine detail, just what your requirements are and then to design the building that will best meet your needs. We particularly like to think and plan ahead – what you need this year, might not be suitable in five years – so we will explore all options with you. Everything we design and build, we do using the best materials for the task. Where possible we source British products, but if there is a better product for you from elsewhere, then we will source it. We like to consider the environmental, aesthetic and economic implications of all our builds.



Our corral-building knowledge has developed from our own experiences as well as through a deep knowledge of the industry. We own sheep and horses, so we understand what you need your corral to do and how you need it to perform. We will discuss size, lay-out, expandability and a host of other factors before designing the corral to fit your needs. We can also source a range of materials and products, so whether you are after a small pen or a large holding area with side pens, alleys and loading chutes, we can design and build the perfect corral system for you.


Handling systems

Handling systems should be designed to attract the animal into the system rather than pushing it through the system through fear. We will work with you to discuss the best place for your handling system – a flat, spacious surface; how well lit the area is, because animals do not like moving into a darker area; the construction of an appropriate holding pen; solid sides to prevent distraction and a non-slip surface to protect the animals.

As with all our work, we take several considerations into account: suitability of a system; its durability; the quality of the materials; the environmental impact and the level to which we can future-proof our work. We talk to you through every stage of the project to ensure that what we build is what you need to best manage and handle your stock.