Deer pen and deer fencing in West Norfolk - August 2018

Oak Barbecue Porch in West Norfolk

Norfolk Saffron joins forces with Dodd & Co to combat rabbit and deer threat - July 2018

Deer round up at Holkham & Deer fencing in West Norfolk – June 2018

Decking for residential property
in Cley: Spring 2018

Dog kennels

Horse arena at Blackborough End: May 2017

Studio/gym and garden design: October 2016

Gates and fencing around a West Norfolk farmhouse: May 2016

East Winch - paddock and tree guards: April 2016

Examples of our fencing work

Horse and pony accommodation

Equine facilities

Lifestock fencing

It’s a dog’s life, kennel construction

Dodd & Co - Agricultural and equine fencing and construction