Other services


Hedge Planting

We tend to focus most of our attention upon what is in the garden or field, but just as important is what contains that space. Hedges offer a growing, attractive, wildlife-attracting alternative to fencing. While a fence will be needed to keep stock in, a hedge offers a windbreak, a shelter and a living boundary. It can also be low maintenance. 

We use a range of different, native species, bearing in mind your soil type and requirements. We will also do maintenance and aftercare to ensure your hedge is always the perfect decorative frame for your paddock or field.



Conservation is an important part of land management and an area of countryside care that we are passionate about. Through conservation work we protect and manage biodiversity to ensure that the land is fit for use now and for many generations to come. We work with natural materials, native plants and trees and we use skilled craftsmen and women to undertake the work necessary to care for our environment.

Projects range from large marshland acreage, where native ponies graze in order to promote the growth of rare plants to repair work on historic walls and barns. We bring two main attributes to the conservation work – expertise and passion.


Maintenance and clearance work

One of the things about maintenance and clearance work is that if you have the tools for the job, it can be done swiftly and efficiently; if you don’t it becomes an onerous task that you just keep putting off. At Dodd & Co., we have invested heavily into equipment suitable for heavy-duty clearance work, because we recognise that this is not the core of your business and it is not something you want to spend time on. 

Talk to us about your clearance needs and we will come up with a solution that is fast and effective.