American barn
Field shelters & outside yards

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Barns & storage
Handling systems

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Studios & gym
Dog kennels
Wood stores
Hot tub & leisure area

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Domestic Construction

Whether it is digging and building a yard, designing a cattle shed, revamping an existing stable block or planning an entire stock management system, at Dodd & Co. we have the knowledge, ability and commitment to be able to deliver a bespoke, high quality construction that meets all aspects of your requirements.

The process begins with a discussion between the client and Dodd & Co. At this point we decide upon the challenges, explore the options and arrive at the solutions. We then look at costs and efficiencies and arrive at a point at which both parties are satisfied.

We will provide a timeline and, unless complications arise, we will deliver within that time. Complications might be unknown structural issues or extreme weather. We will always talk to the client at every point.

As a company that is proud of its Norfolk and English heritage, we always try to source local products and build constructions that are in keeping with the countryside, stylish and future-proofed.