Equestrian construction



Whether it is a one or two stable building or a complex range of stables, plus tack rooms, an office and storage, we have both the expertise and the skill to design and build the stables you require. We understand that you want the most secure, robust and durable construction, but at a price that suits you. We don’t promise to be the cheapest on the market, but what we do promise is that the finished product will be exactly as you want it, made from the highest quality materials available and finished to the utmost level of craftsmanship.

American barn

When we design an American barn, we ensure that we produce the most versatile and effective use of space that we can, within the confines of a beautiful looking building. Our primary concern is to produce a building that is safe, secure and built to withstand both the rigours of a working stable and all that the elements can throw at it. So, we use materials that allow good ventilation, are cool in the summer but warm in the winter. We are also concerned with ensuring that the barn looks good – it is part of the environment and we are acutely aware that the building we construct must reflect your style and values.


Whether this is an outdoor or indoor horse and pony schooling area, we will bring the same level of care and consideration to the project. From the first plans through to the final nail or screw, we will be ensuring a high quality of work. We have extensive experience in this area of equestrian construction – not only do we build arenas and stables, but we use them too, so we are completely aware of the demands of a busy equine operation. Our focus is on using materials and design that will see our work last well into the future, meaning you can get on with the important and demanding job of schooling your horses.

Field shelters & outside yards

We design and build field shelters to meet any demand. These are relatively quick to construct and cost-effective, but as with all Dodd & Co projects, we make each building a bespoke offering that is designed after in-depth consultation with you. Our open fronted field shelters can be built on concrete bases or foundation packs, and we tend to use wooden materials for the sides, with a roofing material that will keep the interior cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our design will reflect your budget and requirements.