Domestic construction


Studios & gym

Studios and gyms are very much a personal thing. The material used, the size of the structure, the location of the building in relation to the house/garden are all factors that will impact the design and construction. We have built a great number of bespoke buildings over the years and have gathered a wealth of experience on building construction and design in the process. One of the best parts of the work we do, is sourcing great materials that look good and are both functional and durable. From artists studios to fully equipped gyms, we have a portfolio of buildings and a bucketful of ideas.

Dog kennels

Our canine friends need to feel safe and secure in their own homes, so our wooden kennels are built to a high spec, ensuring a dry, warm and airy space for your dog (s) to live in. We use wood and other materials that complement the surrounding environment and will always look for the most cost-effective structure for you and your dog.

Wood stores

They might be simply storage areas, but wood stores can be a work of art too. A well-designed wood store will have the capacity you are looking for, will complement its environment and, of course, it will be a place where your  wood supply will stay dry and safe.

Hot tub & leisure area

This is a relatively new area of design and construction for us, but the results of our early work are something we are very proud of. See the case study for pictures and the story behind this area of work. We employ the same principles for building hot tub and leisure areas as we do every other aspect of our work – beautiful materials, brilliant design and expert craftsmanship. We also rely on open communications with the customer at all stages to ensure that the structure meets the specification. 


Cart sheds & wooden garages

Our cart shed and garages are built to the same high spec as all our timber constructions. Our domestic constructions can be used for a wide range of purposes, garage, studio, machinery store, home office, playroom – we will find out how you want to use the space and design accordingly. We will always pay heed to the surrounding environment so that your wooden construction fits in perfectly with your home and garden area.