Domestic fencing


Continuous close board

This style of fencing is widely used in gardens because of its strength and versatility. It is also an aesthetically pleasing form of boundary control, and, by careful choice of wood, will complement most properties. Also known as featheredge or close board and featheredge, it is built using vertical boards that partially overlap and fix to rear, horizontal supporting wooden rails.

Close board panels

Wooden close board panels are six-foot wide panels, and come in different heights, depending upon the customer’s specification. The panels comprise vertical feather edge boards - usually five inches wide - which are partially overlapping and fixed to several rear horizontal supporting wooden rails. They are traditionally used as boundary screening and are robust and durable. All the close board fencing panels are treated to prevent rot.

Picket fencing

Picket fencing is a good option when you are looking for a decorative fence and/or good air circulation is needed. They come in a variety of heights and a range of styles. As a boundary marker, they are cost-effective and attractive.

Driveway gates

As a reflection of you and your property, adriveway gate is a really strong statement. Whether you are looking for a classic and understated wooden five-bar gate, a high security gateway or an ornate and decorative entranceway, we can source you the gate that gives the right impression. Calling upon years of experience, our skilled craftsmen will produce any design of gate in any size – talk to us about your requirements and we will find the right gate for you.