Equestrian fencing


Post & rail

Post and rail fencing involves straining posts that take the tension and provides support at corners; stakes placed at six-foot intervals between the straining posts; and rails which are fixed horizontally between the straining posts and stakes. These can be three, four or five bar rails, depending upon the specification agreed. The posts we use in the main are wooden, highway spec, 30 year posts. These are the best quality on the market, both durable and aesthetically pleasing.  


Horse netting & stud fencing

Post and horse netting is a popular fencing system in equine establishments. It is cost-effective, durable and very safe and secure. Specifically designed for horses, the mesh sizes are designed to reduce the risk of injury and have s moth finish. The horse net will outlast most fence options and is low on maintenance. The post and horse netting system is finished off with either a rail or a hot wire on top – remember, if a top rail is chosen, the post spaces have to be reduced.


Permanent electric fencing

Electric fencing is the barrier that deters animals and people from crossing a boundary. We use a smooth, steel wire, which can range in diameter from a thin, fine wire to a high-tensile, thicker wire. We attach the wire to the wooden posts and electricity is conducted through an insulator. Electric fencing can be used as a temporary boundary marker for grazing animals on a temporary basis, for grazing strips of a field or paddock, or it can be part of the permanent structure - a hot wire on top of a post and rail system. Electric fencing offers a cost-effective, quick-to-install, easily maintained alternative to barbed wire or wooden fencing. This is particularly useful for horse fencing as the animals thin coats can be easily damaged by barbed wire.


Range of wooden & metal gates

Aside from our regular 30 year wooden highway spec posts, we are also able to source a range of other materials. Please discuss your requirements with us. Part of our core offering is the desire to design fencing systems that meet our customer's individual requirements. We DO NOT believe that one size fits all.