Dodd and Co make impact at Wood Rising

PACT animal sanctuary at Wood Rising rescues, rehabilitates and rehouse the animals that have been let down by their human owners. Whether they are abandoned, neglected, injured or simply come from homes where their owners can’t cope, the Animal Sanctuary steps in to help.

It is not simply dogs and cats that PACT deals with, the organisation also rescues large animals, such as horses and donkeys, and it was in this area that the charity needed the help of Dodd and Co.

PACT animal sanctuary were forced into making a transformation after they had to leave the premises they had been using and move to a 17-acre site purchased from a local farmer. The field had to be separated into seven separate units, with a central pathway linking them all. The area needed to be securely fenced using a system that would prevent the animals escaping but would also keep them safe and free from injury.

In addition, a pond had to be fenced off and a major gas-line ran through the area, meaning considerable thought had to be given to the site lay-out and its safety requirements.

Dodd and Co were also commissioned to design and build a corral and yard area. This has been constructed with an eye to the future, so a barn can be built there when funding becomes available. A double gate leads into the yard, allowing easy access for livestock vehicles. The corral has extra high sides and is fully lined to keep it as easy to clean as possible.

The fencing and corral needed to be durable, have longevity and be high-sided enough to keep the animals in and intrusive wildlife out. It also had to look smart and stylish. The quality of the corral lining was important as it had to be durable, pliable and look good. Dodd and Co chose Stockboard as it meets all those requirements and is made from recycled plastics, meaning it is also environmentally-friendly – a highly important feature to PACT.

To construct the fencing, Dodd and Co used Tornado Torus horse wire netting, timbers from Calders and Grandige and Stockboard to line the pens. The whole project took eight days to complete and used more than 2,000 metres of wiring.

Key specifications:

High tensile horse netting
Torus joint horse netting
Half-meshed gates
Electrified hot wire

We would definitely highly recommend Jamie’s work, the best fencing we have ever had done.

It was not the most straight forward project as we had particular requirements on our new farm, needing the whole 17 acres split into several paddocks and including a ‘race’ with access to all paddocks so that animals could easily be herded from any paddock to any other paddock. We also needed easy access for vehicles. This has proved invaluable as many of our equines are not easy to catch or handle. The project also included a corral where we could confine animals for handling, farrier and vet work.

The corral was largely designed by Jamie who took time and considerable patience on site visits to understand our needs. The race, originally designed by myself, was improved and changed on Jamie’s suggestions.

To add to the problems the site included a pond which had to be fenced to protect animals from injury and a gas main line runs through the length of the land which affected the layout of the race and pond protecting fence. Jamie spent time consulting with the gas engineers and established where the fencing could safely be erected.
— Founder and Trustee of the PACT animal sanctuary, Chris Rockingham