A deck with a view

Aside from agricultural construction, at Dodd & Co we are increasingly finding ourselves commissioned to do work on residential properties. Our ethos of working to a well-thought out design, using sympathetic materials and completing jobs to the highest standard has led to many projects across the county.

One of our recent residential projects was to create a decking area around two sides of a one-level property on the outskirts of Cley-next-the-Sea. The property itself is on a fantastic site, on a point of high elevation, with views across the fields and down to the sea at Cley. Anyone who knows this area will appreciate that the view is absolutely stunning along this stretch of coastline, it is wild and hauntingly beautiful and, understandably the new owner of the property wanted to make the most of the views that can be enjoyed from his home..

When the owner spoke of wanting a ‘deck’ around the property, I am not sure even he envisaged just how this feature would enhance the already impressive view and setting.

The deck, which has been built on the south-eastern side of the house, is constructed using Millboard composite decking boards, fixed to a substantial timber frame and steel posts. The light shade of grey-brown sits perfectly next to the blue of the property and is in harmony with the landscape surrounding the house. 



To add a level of shelter from the wind that can whip across the higher land, we have added a very cool-looking glass and wire balustrade. To access the decking area, we built a set of wide, wooden steps. These have very clean lines and add another dimension to the build. A further ramped entry point onto the decking area is suitable for wheeled vehicles.

 Ramped entry point onto the decking

Ramped entry point onto the decking


The whole project was about minimalism and style and I think we all agree that the finished product is bang on the brief. 

Our careful project management ensured that the build was completed on time and to budget, despite the dreadful weather conditions that prevailed for most of the time we were working in Cley. 

 Steps to the decking area

Steps to the decking area

If anyone has requests for similar work or would like to discuss agricultural/equine or residential projects, please contact Jamie Dodd on 07766 815830.