Whether it is a barn, a stable, a shed or a summer house, our buildings are built with care and pride.

We use the best materials for the job, which means that everything we do is bespoke and takes into account your needs and what works best for you.

We see buildings as far more than functional spaces, they are well-designed and beautiful constructions that have been built by skilled craftsmen.

From the initial excavation through the construction process to applying the finishing touches - including any landscaping requirements, Dodd & Co. will provide a top quality, well thought out service.

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Fencing has two main purposes – to keep things in or to keep things out.

Our range of fencing systems are made from the very best materials – locally sourced where possible – and built by craftsmen who are never satisfied with producing anything but the best.

We can tackle fencing challenges of any sort from preventing foxes, badgers, deer... even rabbits from getting onto your property; and containing and protecting your valuable stock.

We see fencing as a showcase for your animals or property, so we want you to have as much pride in it as
we do.

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other services

At Dodd & Co., we are immersed in the countryside and have a set of countryside skills that have developed through experience.

Whether it is hedge planting, conservation, maintenance or clearance work we have two aims:
to make sure that we meet your requirements; and to pay our respect and consideration to the East
Anglian countryside.

We see the agricultural and rural community as the long term custodians of the countryside and we are uniquely placed to offer our skills and expertise across a range of agricultural work to carry out that important role.

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